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American 9-year-old girl start her own exclusive newspaper

The true funny stories is about a 9-year-old kids who start her own exclusive newspaper in United State. Her name is Hilde Kate Lysiak, she reports all kinds of news at hometown Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania at breakneck speed. Ysiak is a 9-year-old girl, she was reading the third grade. She was seven years old in 2014 […]

15-year-old girl Birthday Party actually cost 6 million dollar
15-year-old girl Birthday Party actually cost 6 million dollar

This is a true funny stories, a 15-year-old girl birthday party actually cost 6 million dollar! Thomas J Henry is a Lawyers from San Antonio, south Texas, he has a 15-year-old daughter Maya Henry. He recently spent 6 million dollar for her daughter’s birthday party, he invited many big stars live singing, is a luxury […]

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Australian 2-year-old girl living a luxurious life like a princess

Each girl has a princess dream, The true funny stories of Australian 2-year-old girl Pixie Rose Curtis show us the princess dream come true. The little “princess” is the daughter of Sydney Queen PR Roxy Jacenko. Roxy Jacenko recently exposed large photos of luxurious life on social media to attract the public eye, to get […]

Lady Gaga Girls photo taken 10 years ago was exposed

Who’s she? true funny stories tell you, she is Lady Gaga,  can you recognize out? In fact, as early as 10 years ago, LadyGaga boarded the TV screens. She starred in the classic HBO series “The Sopranos”, at that time, Lady GaGa was only 15 years old, who almost flashed, but the attentive audience still […]