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Gorilla hero saved five-years-old boy who fell in Gorilla Park

Yangbo is a 25 year old Silverback Gorilla in United Kingdom Jersey Zoo. As leader of the gorilla populations in the Park, who has led other gorillas for as long as 14 years. One day, there was a 5 year old boy named Levin, led by mother, came to the Jersey Zoo. Levin lost balance, […]

The gorilla does not pay attention to the image and pull nose at public

Only weighs about 184 kg of gorilla called “Kumbuka,” is 15 years old. It just came to a new home in London, Kumbuka do not pay attention to its image in the media spotlight, not only exposed the ugly facial expressions, there licking his finger  and pull nose in the public.

Russian gorilla has super big mouth - eat seven apples in his mouth
Russian gorilla has super big mouth – eat seven apples in his mouth

A few days ago, the “handsome” gorilla Olga ate seven apples in his mouth in front of many visitors, and chew calm, its big mouth really amazed all the viewers. A 51-year-old teacher was lucky enough to snap to the scene Olga chewing uninhibited. Zoologist said, orangutans do so, not only are they difficult to […]

Make friends with the little gorilla

Two years ago, a little girl named Emily made friend with a small gorilla in the United States, at that time, they are in the infant stage, just crawl.Now the two little guys reunited, they soon becomes intimate, They were climbing, swinging, Emily was riding her tricycle, from time to time, they stop and hug […]