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The 18-year-old Thai girl is 208 cm tall, become the world's highest adolescent
The 18-year-old Thai girl is 208 cm tall become the world’s highest adolescent

Malee Duangdee comes from eastern Thailand, she found herself different from others, because of her height has been growing rapidly. The doctors found a tumor in the brain, the tumor compress a nerve , leading to her hormone levels in an unbalanced state, so she will continue to grow. Now, Malee should cost about £ […]

166 German cartoon mascot parade break guinness world records

A grand parade of international cartoon mascot wad held on October 10 in Southern German city, Karlsruhe. The Day, 166 funny animated image of Doll appeared. Organizers intended to apply for the Guinness Book of World Records. The similar cartoon mascots ever was run in China Taiwan, when a total of 128 participated in the […]

95 people surfing on the same wave in South Africa

A large-scale true funny surfing activity was held in Muizrg beach of Cape Town, South Africa, surfers were expected to challenge Guinness World Records on the most number of people surfing a same wave. There are 95 people who challenged together the World Records at the same time, but still not enough peoples to challenge […]