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Lebanese engineers create the world’s largest wine glass
The world’s smallest egg

The farmer lived in West Virginia, United States, Donnie Russell recently said his hens gave birth to the world’s smallest egg. It is said, The egg is 2.1 cm long and weighs 3.46 grams, not much bigger than a penny. It is the first time that the hen gave birth to such mini egg. Currently, […]

The true funny Bungee jumping record: completed 105 Bungee jumping in 7.5 hours

British Scott Huntley created a Guinness record: 105 times of bungee jumping in in 7.5 hour in South Africa. It sounds funny and crazy, but it is true. The former record was created by a bungee jumping enthusiasts in New Zealand, the result is 104 times in 10.5 hours. Huntley is 49 years old, he […]

A big dogs may refresh the Guinness Book of Records

The staff of Guinness World Records said, a 3 feet 7 inches, weighing 250 pounds of dog is the highest dog in the world. It is 3/4 inch higher than the highest dog in 2009. This dog has been four years old, come from Arizona, and its owner is David • Nasser.

Australia supernatural man swallowing 18 swords at the same time broke the Guinness Book of World Records

Australia supernatural man Hallgren swallowing 18 swords at the same time in Sydney performances, set a new Guinness world record. 33-year-old Chian is the acrobatic performers, when he was 16-year-old, he began learning sword swallowing, he performed swallowing the 18 sword in his throat, remain the hilt outside the mouth in a public forum in […]