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The global coolest garage – the shooting scene of “Mission Impossible 4”

There are two 60-meter-high transparent building in Wolfsburg, Germany, it is Volkswagen’s new car delivery center. The two Resembling 20-story building looks like exist in the future, the overall appearance is transparent, you can see expensive luxury car from the outside. In each building is equipped with 400 new Volkswagen. These cars are manufactured in […]

UK 8-year-old boy become the world's youngest CEO
UK 8-year-old boy become the world’s youngest CEO

8-year-old boy, Jordan, is the founder of the UK’s “Marbles King,” his true funny stories and his company is famous in the world, Jordan is likely to become the world’s youngest CEO. Jordan sold a wide range of marble products, there are ordinary marbles which sold at 7.99 pounds, also sold limited edition marbles sold […]

Australia's cat travelled 3200 km through the desert go back to old home
Australia’s cat travelled 3200 km through the desert go back to old home

The true funny stories about a funny cat. An Australia couple moved homes in March last year, but soon after, their cat Jessie disappeared. They did not expect more than a year later, Jesse appeared in the old home as far as 3200 km away. Jesse does not like by car, it is likely to […]

Little Penguin provoke giant seals

If obstacles appear before the road-way street, Aggressive person are generally inclined to removed the “thorn”, rather than make way for it. So when an elephant seal came cross the road when this young emperor Penguin starts to beat the double-fin, as if to say: “avoid, avoid!” But after the monster roared, the emperor penguins […]