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Swinging on the funny swing house - true funny stories
Swinging on the funny swing house

Are you tired of living mode now? To see how the designer find passion for the life! This funny swing house is absolutely very like have a unique and huge swing – true funny news stories. The layout is symmetrical on both sides, the people staying on both sides need to stay high understanding, otherwise, […]

Canada’s pocket-sized houses for sale

A houses were recently put up for sale in Toronto, Canada, and it sounds like an ordinary real estate transactions, but the house is followed closely because of the “pocket” shape. Although the house is only 312 square, but the master expects to sell for 110,000 US dollar, though expensive price, but long reputation, it […]

American rich woman spent 20,000 U.S. dollars on luxury dog house for her pet dog

A rich woman spent 20,000 U.S. dollars on a “dog house” for her three pet dogs in Los Angeles. The dog house was equiped with not only the heating and air conditioning, even furniture and valuable paintings. This is a typical Victorian-style “mansion,” despite living only for the dog, but the decoration is extremely luxury […]

British “Oblique House” bar: Customer is dizzy like drunk

There is Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, in the United Kingdom there is also a “Oblique House” bar. This “Oblique House” is located in Stafford County, England, which was originally built in 1765 in a farmhouse, but was later changed to a bar. Because this “ramp house” bar roof, windows and doors, even the […]

Hundred gammer did not “move house” in 96 years Residential housing prices rose 450 times

A 100-year-old woman Muriel·Noyes has lived in the same house for 96 years in Hampshire, United Kingdom. In the past 96 years, she had never moved.  The price of the two-bedroom house has rised 450 times in the half-century, from 500 pounds after World War II to the current 225,000 pounds!

Britain’s most narrow house

Anybody complaining about their own small house should visit Rachel·Boyle’s house. Boyle’s house was described as Britain’s most narrow homes, 6.4 meters long and only 1.83 meters wide. Boyer’s house, but you can find everything that one expects to find in the house, the lobby, kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom. Recently, Boyle has written […]