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Romantic love of lizards
Romantic love of lizards

Expressing love with flowers is not only human patents, the animal kingdom is the same. The lizards love may also be very touching. Ukrainian photographer Tymoshenko shot the true funny romantic love story of two lizards. A male lizard climbed to the top of a plant, to attract the attention of a female lizard with […]

the wedding after 53 years

British 70-year-old man Jack and 72-year-old woman Frida were a pair of teenage lovers, as early as 53 years ago, they engaged in private, but because his mother’s opposition, the lovers break up. This year, white-haired Jack and Frieda actually reunion after 53 years, they fall in love again. Last weekend, the white-haired couple held […]

85-year-old single woman finally married her Mr. Right in the United States

85-year-old Ruth Franz finally married her “Mr. Right”, Henry Jones, they have been met for 40 years. The wedding will be held on October 4. While Franz and Jones love to flash marriage only for 3 months, but they are full of 40 years friendship. 70s of last century, Franz in New Haven managed his […]