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The world's smallest baby when she was born weighing only 227 grams, the feet as small as fingernail size - true funny stories
The world’s smallest baby when she was born weighing only 227 grams, the feet as small as fingernail size

The world’s smallest baby Amelia was born weighing only 227 grams, the feet is only the fingernail size. Amelia was born in Germany, only 22 cm in length. She have the normal weight of the newborn until 9 months after she was born – true funny kids stories. When Amelia’s mother was pregnant for 26 […]

An U.S. women paralyzed for 8 years and stand up at the wedding - true funny stories
An U.S. women paralyzed for 8 years and stand up at the wedding

U.S. woman Jaquie Goncher injuried in a swimming pool accident at the age of 17, and paralysed from the neck belows. But through unremitting efforts, she finally stand up at the wedding, and walk to the groom. This is really a exciting miracle – true funny stories.

A woman who paralyzed for 23 years are suddenly able to walk

A 46-year-old American woman who paralyzed in a car accident 23 years ago, recently started to walk independently without arm, the true funny stories were called a miracle, she restore walking ability after receiving a psychiatric treatment. Ms. Knox was knocked down by a drunk driver in 1987, the car accident resulted in paralysis below […]

Survived jumping from the 40-story building

We heard of many true stoires, but the below story is really a miracle. New York newspaper reported on September 1 in New York, a young man jumped from the 40-story building, before landing he heavily hit in a car, and therefore survived. 22-year-old Tom Magill is a singer. On August 31, Magill jumped off […]

Magic maternal love saved premature children back from the dead

We all know the great maternal love, but can you imagine, even such a powerful force is able to overcome death. In Australia, a mother Kate participated in the television interview  “Today Tonight”, told a true stories that she used warm embrace to save her own “dead” son. After 27 weeks of pregnancy, Kate premature […]

A 13-year-old British boy struck by lightning of one billion volts

This is a true funny stories about a lucky boy who survived as high as 1 billion volts of lightning. “13” has always been considered an unlucky number, just “13” seems to “come true” on the UK 13-year-old boy Conner • Laughlin. On August 13, Conner was watching British “Red Arrows” air display team, unfortunately, […]

A bird with broken legs rehabilitation training with treadmill in New Zealand

In New Zealand, a broken-leg Kiwi rehabilitation methods are not general, the bird recover gradually by “movement” on a  treadmill, just as “miracle,” the bird’s perseverance would make you moving if you read the true funny stories about kiwi  below. It is reported that it is 4-years-old kiwi called Piwi, the body is only half […]

A miracle – U.S. cat inserted into a spike on the head is still survival

A tenacious vitality of kittens attracted attention in Sioux City, Iowa, and its head is deeply inserted into a long nail, but miraculously survived. Doctor pulled out nails and found that nail is 3 inches long.