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18K gold toilet was displayed in the Museum of the United States, will be open to use for the visitors

18K Gold toilet in the Guggenheim museum will be open to use for the visitors in the exhibition – true funny news stoires. The 18K gold toilet is currently being held in an interactive exhibition. It was made by Italy Catalan artists, named “America”, on the one hand, is to pay tribute to the artist […]

Valentine’s Day’s coming increase the number of visitors in Museum of Broken Relationships

As the Valentine’s Day is coming, the number of visitors in “museum of Broken Relationships” which is in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, increases evidently. “Museum of Broken Relationships” lies in the city of Zagreb, the only one museum taking broken hearts as the topic in the world. Right now, it owns more than 1,000 […]

American people rebulid Titanic by the ratio of 1:2

In the United States, a citizens invested 16 million pounds to build out a Titanic museum in the coastal city of Tennessee. The museum is built in accordance with the ratio of 1:2, 30 meters high, its internal facilities in full accordance with the original design of the Titanic cruise ship. Jocelyn museum is expected […]