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American actress keep lion as a pet
American beautiful actress keep lion as a pet!

A group of American actress Melanie Griffith’s “funny and crazy” childhood photos. The Photos was taken in 1971, 14-year-old Griffiths fed an giant African lion in her family. It is said that Hollywood director Noel Marshall wanted to shoot a movie about a lion, so they lived together with lions for five years.   The […]

Pet dogs frostbite after the limbs all been amputated An artificial limbs can run, jump

The pet dogs named Naki “o, having been abandoned, was rescued by an animal adoption center in Nebraska, USA, and it was amputated. After surgery, a woman named Pace adopted Naki “o, Pace taken care of it, Pace raised funds to the prosthetic device – an artificial leg for Naki “o. At present, Kehoe has […]

Australian small pig likes alcoholic drinks
Australian small pig likes alcoholic drinks

The true funny stories happened in Australia, a couple bought a mini pig 6 months ago, but unexpectedly the mini pig now grown into a 132 kg of pot belly pig and growing fattening. In addition, it also love the alcoholic drinks of the owner, every time it drunk, and then fell down asleep. This […]

The perfect pet dog's wedding
The perfect pet dog’s wedding

This is true funny stoires, the pet owner Ms. Louise Harris recently spent twenty thousand pounds holding a wedding for her beloved dog in England. The dog wedding was held in the coastal city of Essex, more than 80 guests attended the luxury dog wedding, they witnessed the entire wedding process of the dog “Couples”. […]

A lovely mini “Panda cow” was born

True funny stories introduce you a very lovely pet – mini-cow. A mini-cow was born in Colorado, it looks like panda, there are only about such 24 panda cows in the world now . Panda cow is a product of genetic engineering, Colorado cow baby’s mother is an Angus cow. Its body hair is black […]