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A pregnant women gaving birth in nature attracted 52 million clicks on the web | true funny stories

Simone Thurber live in in Park City, Utah, 43-year-old, her video of giving birth in nature 4 years ago is very popular on the web. After hearing about 52 million views, Simone said it is incredibly. The picture shows Thurber and her 4-year-old daughter Perosa’s photo – true funny woman stories. Although the idea of […]

Russian aunt is hot on the internet by throwing knife | true funny stories
Russian aunt is hot on the internet by throwing knife | true funny stories

The Russian aunt is hot on the internet, because she has a stunt – throwing knife. Garina Cowina, 64 years old, from the appearance she exudes a thick “domineering”, she was the champion of the World Flying Knife Championship, she was also invited to the special forces to throw knife – true funny woman stories. […]

Funny idea: How does the U.S. men make fun of his ex-wife’s wedding dress

This is a true story, I am not sure is it a “funny” story…, my dear reader, maybe you remember I reported a story “the us man made a joke of ex-wife’s wedding dress“. For some guys, divorce is a relief, for some other guys, may be divorce is deeply painful…  You can understand as […]

A Holland woman marry to the cat, and marry to her pet dog after her husband died

A Holland woman got married to her cat Dulake 8 years ago. But the good marriage ended, because Dulake was gone at the age of 19. Now, the woman decided to remarry, the husband is her dog Travis. She also established a website which provide special registration for the owners and pets to get married […]

A woman without arms can drive a plane and play the piano well, her pioneering work inspired many people

Losing both arms is a very painful thing for anyone. However, she didn’t complain of depression, but more with the spirit, with optimism, positive attitude to face life and more courageous. She tell us by their actions that she can embrace the and greet all the good in life without the arms. Jessica Cox recently […]

Ireland Women find another "self" in Sweden - True Funny Stories
Ireland Women find another “self” in Sweden – True Funny Stories

Wow An Ireland Women finding another self in Sweden- True Funny Woman Stories. Ireland Women Shannon Lonergan found a stranger in Sweden, and the Swedish women looks exactly the same as herself, just like “twin“, Shannon’s father was even difficult to identify who is his daughter.  

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British woman lose weight half of her weight successfully – True Funny Stories

The woman lose weight from 152 pounds to 76 pounds successfully – True Funny Woman Stories. The  British woman weighted 152 pounds lived in Hertfordshire, Britain in the past. Because of fat body, she had to buy two seats by plane, so she determined to lose weight. Relying on low-calorie healthy diet, fitness and sports, […]

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Dream Wedding: British bride luxury wedding dress ornamented with large number of crystal jewelry weighing 127 pounds – True Funny Stories

This grand dream wedding show 127 pounds of giant wedding dress and a variety of jewelry – True Funny Woman Stories. On Wedding day, British bride Rebekah Markham wearing 127 pounds of giant wedding dress and her fiance Kevin Smith held a grand dream wedding. Rebecca dressed in white, wearing a crown and a variety […]