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Stool chocolate: Funny Japan’s Valentine’s Day chocolate

Japan Chocolate Company planned to set off a frenzy of chocolate on Valentine’s day, to create every kind of funny chocolate. Among them, “stool chocolate” and “anal chocolate”, surprised many people. Valentine’s day has become the most commercial. For Japanese girls, send chocolate to favorite boys, is a thoughtful expression on Valentine’s day. Later, it […]

Funny Japan’s Valentine’s Day activities: Chocolate Spa

Valentine’s Day is coming, the Japanese businessmen run a funny activity: chocolate spa. Hot spring theme park is located on the foothills of Mount Fuji, Japan. They introduced a unique and funny chocolate spa, popular in young couples and family tourists. Imagine a group of people wearing a swimsuit were soaked in the sticky sweet […]

Funny Japanese Valentine’s Day gift

On Valentine’s day, girls usually send chocolates or other gifts to their favorite boys in Japan. The Japanese businessmen smell this opportunity and develop many funny valentine’s Day gift to help the girl to express their love. “Valentine’s Day chicks” pudding Just so cute chick pudding, how to eat it? JR Tokyo Station offer limited […]

Funny valentine’s Day menu – Shredded ex-girlfriend

As the Valentine’s Day is coming, the restaurant have planned many couple packages in order to attract customers to taste. However, a restaurant developed a funny menu — Shredded ex-girlfriend! This dish has attracted many curious eyes.

Funny valentine’s Day activities in America: named cockroach after your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend

2015 Valentine’Day is coming, do you want to make a little funny thing for this always romantic holiday? Recently, a funny Valentine’s Day activities is being held in America. Name cockroach after ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend. The activity “Name cockroach” was launched in New York Bronx Zoo, USA on February 9th, 2011. Thousands of […]

A funny Valentine’s Day activity in Taiwan – Hug,kiss and free accommodation

A 5 Star hotel planned funny valentine’s Day activities in Taiwan, as long as the guests uploaded the photos of kiss and hugs , they could get free accommodation. The hotel named the housing project “Canyon kiss”. The organizer said, this activity was only for lovers or couples to participate in. The lovers need kiss […]

Lovers’ super creative laughing photos

Every year, there are always some days like this, the warming stories that lovers get together happen everywhere, of course, there are also many moving stories. In these days, the innocent plants’ reproduction systems are used by some primate animals on the earth to express their love, even the un-informed metals and carbon elements are […]

Japanese female spent the weird Valentine’s Day

On Feb.14th, western traditional Valentine’s Day, Japanese female instead of the western tradition, purchased the gift of chocolate actively, and gave the male friends including colleagues, sweethearts or lovers as a present. Some Japanese females did not select the traditional chocolate gift to give the male as a present this year, but made the “face” […]