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Another voice in Valentine’s Day: “Anti-valentine Day” becomes new fashion

On Feb.14th, roses, and chocolates, in this day, were all around the city. The lovers racked their brains to toss. The origin purpose of this festival was only to express the love feeling, while it lost the flavor little by little, becoming the “hotbed” of being luxurious and comparing unrealistically. When the lovers caught the […]

Valentine’s Day’s coming increase the number of visitors in Museum of Broken Relationships

As the Valentine’s Day is coming, the number of visitors in “museum of Broken Relationships” which is in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb, increases evidently. “Museum of Broken Relationships” lies in the city of Zagreb, the only one museum taking broken hearts as the topic in the world. Right now, it owns more than 1,000 […]

Chocolate House for valentine's day in Lithuania
Chocolate House for valentine’s day in Lithuania

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the chocolate houses was built by a mall in Lithuania, which consuming a total of 300 kilograms of chocolate. Chocolate houses were built in shopping malls of the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, the cabin area is 17 square meters, from the floor to the ceiling, from furniture to interior decoration (including paintings, […]

Super funny Valentine’s Day Song

I really like this super make fun Valentine’s songs, the video is so funny and creative.

Funny Cat Valentine’s day

You can hear the following funny dialogue from the video: “a girl doesn’t dye her hair that color unless she has phsycological problems” “my hair color has nothing to do with my phsycological problems!” lolz thats one of my favorite parts Cats like, ” I forgot to ask you about the homework- Sikowitz throws the […]

Valentine’s Day Movie

very nice cast. You can watch your favorite movie with your girlfriend at valentine’s day!