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The volcanic eruption of Hawaii bring Gem Rain

image: Volcanic eruption on the Big Island of Hawaii has lasted more than 40 days, local residents discover a lot of emeralds on the streets and beaches, the true funny stories attract a lot of attentions. According to the Daily Mail message, Olive Stones which cattered in volcanic rocks is ejected from volcanic eruptions, […]

The satellite photographed the eruption of volcano quiet nearly 200 years in Iceland

Yiyafala volcano re-erupted after the silence of 190 years on March 20, 2010, in Iceland. NASA, “Earth Observation No. 1” satellite has captured the spectacular sight:  spewed lava, lava flows, volcanic ash plumes and steam. In the the west of snow-covered Yiyafala volcano mountain, there is a 500-meter-long crack. The hot lava spewing out of […]