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US woman show yoga's the beauty of flexibility - true funny stories
US woman show yoga’s the beauty of flexibility

Heidi Williams went out of the psychological shadow by practicing yoga. Heidi Williams was a assault victim, when she fell into the low life, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression, and even once wanted to do Dutch act, in the crisis, yoga makes her life colorful once again. Now she not only enjoys […]

Hot parent doing yoga holding 6-weeks-old baby | True Funny Stories
Hot parent doing yoga holding 6-weeks-old baby

In Washington, a new hand mother Lizzy Tomber was holding her only 6-weeks-old baby doing yoga, her husband Josh Young lifted his legs, stand firmly in the air, the family outstanding balance tips shocked countless friends. Tomber is a yoga teacher, she even do yoga during pregnancy. Seeing the photos, the doctor are very shocked, […]

8000 people practicing yoga to greet the summer solstice in New York Times Square

On June 21, the Yoga enthusiasts were practicing yoga in New York Times Square. On that day, more than 8,000 Yoga enthusiasts from around the world performing a Grand yoga, welcome the arrival of the summer solstice.

93-year-old woman yoga instructor has been practicing more than 70 years
93-year-old woman yoga instructor has been practicing more than 70 years

Soft posture, difficult action, can you can imagine she is 93-year-old woman? American Tao Porchon Lynch has been practicing yoga for 70 years, now she has served as a yoga instructor. Porchon Lynch was born in India, his father is a Frenchman and his mother was Indian. She had been living in India for 20 […]

U.S. 91-year-old woman become the world's oldest yoga teacher
U.S. 91-year-old woman become the world’s oldest yoga teacher

U.S. woman Bernice Bates have been 91 years old, but her body are softer than the young people. Recently, Bates received the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s oldest yoga teacher. Bates began practicing yoga 50 years ago, now she become the great-grandmother, she is still teaching the yoga course. Bates taught once […]