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The perfect pet dog’s wedding

The perfect pet dog's wedding
This is true funny stoires, the pet owner Ms. Louise Harris recently spent twenty thousand pounds holding a wedding for her beloved dog in England. The dog wedding was held in the coastal city of Essex, more than 80 guests attended the luxury dog wedding, they witnessed the entire wedding process of the dog “Couples”.

The bride is a Yorkshire Terrier, 6 years old, named Lola. Her 4-year-old sister, Lulu, and 2-year-old brother, Larry served as bridesmaid and best man respectively, and their clothes are also valuable. Compared with jeweled bride, bridesmaids and best man, the groom’s dress, which bought from eBay, looked a bit shabby.

Ms. Louise Harris found “Mr. Right” for Lola in the social networking site “Facebook,” the groom called Mugly, was a Chinese crested dog, who was named “Britain’s most ugly hound” in 2005.

The wedding scene was quite spectacular, the two dog owners were all dressed up, 80 guests attended the wedding, only flowers for decoration spent £ 4,000. The pearl jewelry of the puppy is more valuable. Two dog owners also delivered message, wished the dog “couples” have a happy life in the future. After the ceremony, guests and dogs are all enjoying a super meal as a celebration.

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