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The true funny video of craig rowin begging for $ 1,000,000

Craig Rowan, a 27-year-old man in New York posted a make fun video not long ago in YOUTUBE, he said he hope some moneybags who “have money to burn,” the rich can “generously” gave him an unconditional 100 million dollars. This series of “video for money” caused a sensation in the U.S. users, Craig Rowan also became an Internet star.
His “please give me a millions dollars” really aroused interest in a mysterious billionaire Benjamin, he promised to give Craig Rowan $ 1,000,000, so let him dream come true. Craig Rowan said, “Benjamin” was happy to donate one million U.S. dollars to him, because he was very fond of Craig Rowan’s Video for money, and thought that video was “really very interesting.”
Craig is a comedy writer and actor. Over the past two months, Craig released a few make fun “begging for money” video in the YOUTUBE site. In a video, Craig actually said a long list of moneybags who was “most suitable” to sent him $ 1,000,000, including the Miss Gaga, Warren Buffett, actor Gary Bussels, baseball star Tom McIvor and so on. Craig Rowan even put the Chilean miners who had just rescued from the mine few months ago in the most suitable lists.
The true funny stories attracted many discusses. Some user said he wish he came up with that idea, some user thought Craig Rowan could not get $ 1,000,000, he only make fun, also some people highly criticize the video “begging for $ 1,000,000.”

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