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The volcanic eruption of Hawaii bring Gem Rain

image: qwbus.com

Volcanic eruption on the Big Island of Hawaii has lasted more than 40 days, local residents discover a lot of emeralds on the streets and beaches, the true funny stories attract a lot of attentions.

According to the Daily Mail message, Olive Stones which cattered in volcanic rocks is ejected from volcanic eruptions, creating “Gem Rain”. The local residents shared the photos of the gem on social media. They said, “It’s really gem rain!”

Cheryl Gansecki, a geologist at the University of Hawaii, confirmed that the appearance of gem rain was associated with the continued eruption of the volcano. As the volcano continues to erupt, the olive stones entrained in the lava are cooled and squeezed to form these emeralds, scattered on the island.

olive stones is a green mineral, named for its color mostly olive green, the main ingredient is iron or magnesium silicate. It is said that the finest olive stones is worth about $450 per carat.


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