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the wedding after 53 years

British 70-year-old man Jack and 72-year-old woman Frida were a pair of teenage lovers, as early as 53 years ago, they engaged in private, but because his mother’s opposition, the lovers break up. This year, white-haired Jack and Frieda actually reunion after 53 years, they fall in love again. Last weekend, the white-haired couple held the wedding after half-century.
Jack and Frieda then each took a different journey, in the past half century, they almost cut off the audio.
Frida later moved back to England from abroad, she moved a community of Thunder Buck, in Cheshire City. Jack has moved into the community this year, and also became Frida’s new neighbor. Although the white-haired Jack and Frieda met again to retrieve the “love feeling” in the young age, they fell in love again after half a century.
On August of this year, Jack finally asked Frida to marry him, and Frida also willingly agreed Jack “second marriage proposal.” Last weekend, they finally walked on the red carpet hand in hand.

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