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The world place “locked” in the love


The Valentine’s Day is coming, and the followings are the places for the lovers to “lock in” the love.

Capital of lovers’ lock—Peki, southern city of Hungary

Peki, the southern city of Hungary, naming European “capital of lovers’ lock”, is for this small city filling the romantic flavor because of thousands of “lover’s lock”. There are various kinds of “lover’s locks” around the sculptures, streets and doors in the city, becoming the unique feature of Peki. The tradition for hanging the lock on the iron fence can be dated back to 1980s, at that time; some lovers put the locks on the iron fence in the city center, so as to symbolize the everlasting of love, so the locks are called “lover’s lock”. Along with the time goes by, the locks on the iron fence become more and more.

Moscow river small stone arch bridge

There is one small stone bridge across Moscow River in Moscow, Russia, with many iron trees from bridgehead to bridge tail, hanging the lover’s locks onside, and locking the love, the happiness and the heart of the lover.

Korean Soul plaza

Thousands of lovelocks hanging in Korean Soul Plaza, hanging the love’s lock here since 2005, have now become the famous scenic spot, also the place that foreigners often visit. Here it is also the must-have shoot place for the romantic TV show.

German Hawhenslun Bridge in Kolner

The first lovelock in Germany was born at the end of the summer in 2008, just the lock hanging on the Hawhenslun bridge in Kolner, but the key was thrown into the Rhine River under the bridge, since then, the love became everlasting. The bridge was locked many lovelocks in less than two years.

Japanese back garden
The Territory of Guahan

If you travel in the territory of Guahan(the island locating in the west pacific), please do remember to knock the happy bell and hang the lovelock on the lover’s cliff.

Italy Rome Taibo River

The streetlights of Miviky Bridge across Italy Rome Taibo River are with lots of metal locks. That is the witness for the lovers swearing to love each other forever. The people falling in love believe that hanging the locks on the streetlight of Miviky Bridge can lock their love closely, never apart. They hang the lock and throw the key into the river, saying to be forever.

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