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UK new fashion: stitch metal rings in the skin to tie ribbons

UK new fashion: stitch metal rings in the skin to tie ribbons There is a popular fashion recently in UK, that is to stitch metal rings into the skin and tie all kinds of colorful ribbons just like wearing tights. The true funny fashion makes the tattoo, navel ring ridiculous and even more than Lady Gaga.

This body Decoration could be made in any parts of the body, as long as the skin area can accommodate sewing. Some fashionable people mainly stitch in the back and rib, some even tie ring in the throat. However, this is an expensive plastic surgery, priced 300 pounds. Now lettering tattoo on the body, subcutaneous implants or silicon implants are not difficult. The tights fashion seems become the latest plastic surgery trends.

After the surgery, the person often endure pain at least an hour to achieve the effect of wearing tights. However, this effect is only temporary, the wound will recover after a few weeks, leaving a few scars. The industry specialist said that this piercing operation is increasingly sought after by people, but also requires more courage to face pain than the other surgery.

Recently, plastic surgery expert Kevin Hancock gave warning about the new trend, he said that the surgery can cause a range of issues: the risk of metal rings pulling up the skin; the rows of metal rings may be bleeding and lead to infection; different people face different scarring process, some people scarring were relatively minor symptoms, while others faced with excessive wound healing, the original holes would leave a permanent red mass. Kevin thought this is a kind of self-abusive behavior.

But those people who obsessed with the fashion claimed that there was no risk of surgery. Laura, who lives in Southampton, is such an fashional people. She not only provide shaping services in the studio, and also Wearing such a Ribbon Tights by herself.

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