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Valentine’s Day gifts for her – Underwear or Rose?

Valentine's Day gifts for her - Underwear or Rose?

Underwear or Rose? Maybe every man ask himself the question when buying Valentine’s Day gifts for her.

The economic downturn, more and more men tend to choose more durable underwear in the Valentine’s Day, and not roses easy to fade or expensive champagne.

British department store chain old fashion design director Sharon Weber said, fashional underwear is a cheap way to express love. Recently, the department store price of four pounds 50 pence a underwear sales soared.

Some men are more willing to spend money on underwear, because this can save some money. The price of a dozen red roses for Valentine’s Day including the delivery fees may be up to 100 pounds.

Han Musi underwear brand-name department store sales kept the best-selling for two consecutive years in Valentine’s Day. This year, the demand for silk underwear rose again.

Despite the recession, the British retailer is still hope that people put aside the growing number of bills, taxes and public spending cuts concerns, spend money generously for loved one in February 14.

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